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Benmont Montessori

Dedicated to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment for children in the age group of 2 to 6 years, consistent with the values and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our Mission

To bring to Pune a school which follows the Montessori Method in its purest form and offers quality and standards that would qualify as excellent anywhere in the world. We truly believe that every child is special and we strive to provide the children with a safe, comfortable environment where they grow to love, learn and explore. Our method of teaching is designed to develop each child’s full human potential – emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and to foster a life-long love for learning

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Day Care

At Benmont Montessori, we understand that your child's safety can be a huge concern in your busy schedules. To eliminate your stress while inculcating life long values, Benmont Montessori provides a home like Day Care Center for all your child's needs. Additionally, we have an outdoor play area for your child to have fun, while they learn. For further details regarding the day care center kindly contact 9860283596.

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Benmont Montessori Gallery.

  • Dhara Shah
    Benmont Montessori is a great new concept in imparting the right education to children in Pune. For our child, this has been a great experience. We have seen a completely new and creative side of hers, especially in her painting skills and clay moulding. For us, Benmont has been the perfect choice as the first school for our child.
    Dhara Shah
  • Mayur Gaikwad
    I am very happy and satisfied with Benmont  Montessori because my son has improved a lot. he has started speaking words and recognizing numbers and enjoys being at school. At Benmont, equal time and attention is given to extracurricular activities such as sports and music.  What I truly appreciate about the school is that it sends home a daily report of the student's development. The best thing about the school is its teachers, well qualified, dedicated and passionate about their work.
    Mayur Gaikwad
  • Salima Amlani
    Benmont Montessori has given my child a new direction. He has learnt so many new skills like making a ball with dough, sea animals and so on. The system of reporting daily activities of the child is something I thoroughly love because it helps me stay updated of the daily progress my child is making. He gets on to one personal attention and I am very happy with his overall progress. Thank you tecahers for your efforts!!
    Salima Amlani
  • Kuhoo Gupta
    Totally loved the Montessori environment here! Highly recommended by this Montessori mom
    Kuhoo Gupta
  • Delna Pundol Santoki
    My experience with Benmont was for a short duration but it seemed like a year has gone by... My son was a little short of reaching his 2 year milestone when he started his journey with Benmont. He instantly loved the atmosphere and the lovely teachers. Apart from a few days initially he was always excited to go to school. When he joined he was barely saying a few single words but just in 3 months I have seen a remarkable difference in him... He says complete sentences with correct grammar, almost always... I am amazed at his progress and give most of the credit to his teachers at Benmont. Benafsha, the principal is such a soft spoken and dedicated person, caring and loving towards her class children and I have always seen her smiling... It was such a great experience being a part of Benmont and look forward to spend the rest of my son's initial years at this school. Thanks Benafsha for everything
    Delna Pundol Santoki